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Global Star Capital Blog posted by Rich Cocovich, Founder

"Our Reputations in the Cyber World"

This posting is to assist all readers in understanding that not everything we read online is true.  Let's face it, there are bloggers who will tell you that the holocaust did not exist among many other examples, so hopefully you will appreciate my words below. 

To be perfectly clear for all readers of this post, my consulting company is not affiliated or in collusion with any other entity or company.  The business model has been the same since the company's inception, which began with my ability to service people as a professional in 1991.  I deal with multiple private funding avenues and facilitators.  I am in high demand world wide because of my track record and reputation being crystal clear.  

In over two decades, I have had some novice theorists and uniformed people critique my web site, protocol and business acumen negatively while using bottom of the barrel blog post and chat room sites to perform their libelous and unwarranted acts.  None were brave enough to list their full names.  All used web blog sites and chat rooms to their advantage in a cowardly way, not just in critiquing me but many others within all types businesses.  One in particular was so off base and libelous that she found herself in massive legal trouble from multiple angles which continues to haunt her to this day.  We regret the possibility of an unknown amount of projects and principals who may have disappeared without receiving the necessary attention and subsequent funding avenues administered from our hard work due to these shallow and libelous individuals.  Our clients understand the hard work that needs to be administered in true capital funding and that is why we exist.

What people are at liberty to say on the Internet is completely and quite obviously outside anyone's control.  We stand strongly behind our credibility, professionalism and lengthy history of 20+ years.  We cherish the number of clients world wide that we have serviced flawlessly.  
I take people for face value in working and servicing their project. Many of my clients have had a terrible financial history.  Others have changed the world.  I treat everyone the same and only offer my services to principals and projects in which I can accomplish a strategic game plan that assists the ultimate goal. 

The projects and principals that make receive my full attention are at a point where I am serious in offering my warranted services. We reject a vast amount of projects. Speaking with me at the conference call stage will solidify the fact that I know much more about private funding, building businesses and true business acumen than any blog post shadow.

Rich Cocovich
You can read more about Rich Cocovich in the MEET THE FOUNDER section of the Global Star Capital website (

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